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Nepalilainen ravintola Lali Gurans

Vanha talvitie 2, 00580 HELSINKI Nepalilaiset ravintolat Katso aukioloajat Y-tunnus: 2431653-6

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Authentic Nepalese cuisine

Our mission is to delight our guests with authentic Nepalese cuisine and hospitality at every visit. ‘Atithi devo bhava’- Guest is the God is the Nepalese culture. In the last four years since our restaurant was established, we have won the hearts of many guests as their popular lunch restaurant. We are deeply indebted to our dear guests and well-wishers for their appreciation, care, love, feedback and encouragement; and promise that we shall endeavor to make Lali Gurans the restaurant of their choice.

Restaurant Lali Gurans has also a seating capacity of 150 persons and a convenient location, which makes it also an ideal place for private gatherings and parties. We do our utmost to make your event at Lali Gurans memorable.

Autenttista nepalilaista ruokaa

Tavoitteenamme ravintolassamme on tarjota autenttista nepalilaista ruokaa ja ensiluokkaista palvelua asiakkaille. Ravintolassamme on tarjolla arkisin lounasta ja ravintolamme onkin suosittu lounaspaikka. Ravintola Lali Guransissa on 150 asiakaspaikkaa ja sijainti on hyvä, joten Lali Gurans on myös erinomainen paikka järjestää juhlia tai yksityistilaisuuksia. Teemme parhaamme, jotta tilaisuudestasi tulee onnistunut.

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